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NABE3's website is mainly for plastic model builders who are interested in the military aircraft in the "Cold-War" era.

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Information (18MAY18): I completed my latest project "Canberra TT.18"(Airfix 1/48) several days ago, and a photo of my Canberra is shown above. I plan to upload my article and some more Canberra photos in early July as soon as I return from my next US trip between 31MAY18 and 26JUN18.
お知らせ (2018/05/18): 数日前にやっとAirfixのキャンベラTT.18(1/48)が完成しました。上に貼り付けた写真がソレです。 今月末から6月下旬までは米国旅行となりますが、その後の7月上旬にはキャンベラの製作記をアップする予定です。 inserted by FC2 system