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NABE3's website is mainly for plastic model builders who are interested in the military aircraft in the "Cold-War" era.

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Information (22JUN17): Today, I added some walk around photos of Martin EB-57 Canberra, Canadair CT-133 Silver Star, Lockheed RT-33A and LET L-410 Turbolet. I'm currently working on a Hasegawa's F-104G in 1/32 scale, and I plan to concentrate on it for a few months to come. So, I'm afraid I cannot add new photo pages on this website so frequently for a few months to come.
お知らせ (2017/06/22): 最近プラモ作りがちょっとスランプ状態なので、今日は気分転換に細部写真をアップしてみました。 アップした機種は、EB-57 CanberraとCanadair CT-133(カナダ仕様のT-33)とLockheed RT-33AとLET L-410 Turboletです。 現在小生はハセガワのF-104G(1/32)を製作中ですが、少しヤル気を起こして8月には完成させたいです。 inserted by FC2 system