Soon after I retired at the end 2011, I decided to open my own website by using thousands of aircraft photos which I had taken since 1969. This web-page mainly consists of the following three chapters,"A", "B" and "C". All the photos appeared on this website were taken by myself(NABE3). Please click on the item you want to sellect from the "Contents" list in the left column and visit the photo pages. Please enjoy it.

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`. WALK-AROUND PHOTOS (Photos taken after 2000)

1, I restarted to build plastic models in 2000 soon after I gave up Kodachrome photography. Then I started taking "Walk around Photos" at airshows and museums in order to utilize them as useful references for model building in realitic fashion.

2, This chapter does not cover any of the VERY common/popular aircraft such as F-15, F-16 and F-18, simply because such F-15/16/18 photos are easily available from various publications and websites. So, I concentrate mainly on the a/c types which are relatively minor, or which were operated for special missions/operations with unique modifications such as AP-2E/H, RC-135V/W, RB-47H or B-26K. I'm especially interested in the US and European military aircraft operated during the cold war era, and this chapter covers some of them.

3, I did my best efforts to take clear photos on upper surfaces of fuselages and wings, because very few photos of such "difficult" areas are available from walk around books and websites.

4, Some of the walk-around photos have an arrow mark, which indicates the direction of forward pointing the nose of the a/c. This arrow will help you understand the situation from what direction the photo was taken. (refer to the photo at above left)

5, It may take a little while to display photos after you open the photo page. Some photos may not appear even after 10-20 seconds and the blank boxes remain on the page. In such a case, please try clicking on the blank box, and the hidden photo may appear soon after your clicking.

B. COLORS & MARKINGSiPhotos taken mainly during 1969`1998j

1, I started taking photos of aircraft back in 1969. I started with black & white photography by using mainly Kodak Tri X and Plus X. I started using Kodachrome 25 films in 1972, and after that, most of my photography had been done with Kodachrome 25. Unfortunately, it had been getting more and more difficult to buy and use Kodachrome films during the end of the 1990's, and finally I gave up my Kodachrome photography in 1998. This chapter shows you some of my photos which I had taken mostly in Japan and in the US during 1969-1998.

2, I switched to digital cameras some time after Kodachrome photography. I still take some (not so many as before) photos of military aircraft, and I plan to upload some of these digital photos in future.

3, Most of the color slides were taken by using the "standard" lens on the flight line. However, I had to use short tele-photo lenses such as 85/100/135mm lenses when I was unable to get closer to the aircraft. Most of the photos in this chapter are Japanese and US military aircraft.

4, Date and location of each photography are shown on upper right corner(margin) of the photograph. The description of the serial # and the squadron are also shown on upper right margine.


In October 2017, I completed a Hasegawa's F-104G in 1/32 scale (see photo at below left). From January 2018, I plan to start building a Airfix's E.E.Canberra(1/48) in target towing paint scheme (TT.18).

I'm building plastic models (1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 scale) of military aircraft of the Cold War era. This chapter shows you photos of my models. I'm doing my best efforts to include in-process photos of my models as well.

If you have any questions, requests and/or comments about my web pages, please feel free to send me(NABE3)
an e-mail. Any types of your friendly feedback is welcome.

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