Plastic Model Gallery "1/32"

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a/c Type
Supplier Year of completion, Markings of the model, etc.
F-14A Tamiya Completed: 2009, Markings: US Navy NSAWC at NAS Fallon, Color scheme: Blue/Grey splinter(Flanker) camouflage on upper surfaces
NEW Westland
FLY Completed: October 2016, Markings: RAF Rescue No.21 Squadron,
Color scheme: Yellow overall
TA-4J Hasegawa Completed: 2006, Markings: US Navy VT-7, Color scheme: US Navy's Standard trainer scheme (Red and White overall)
(to be uploaded)
F-5E Hasegawa Completed: 2007, Markings: US Navy VFC-13, Color scheme: Blue/Grey aggressor's camouflage overall
(to be uploaded)
A-7E Trumpeter Completed: 2008, Markings: US Navy VA-15, Color scheme: Light gull gray with white under surfaces with Hi-vis. markings
(to be uploaded)